About us

Born in 2012 in Monte Carlo but with a three-generation experience conveyed from fathers to sons in Italy, Africa, France and obviously Monte-Carlo, we have a rich and varied range of customers for the construction of new buildings, restoration of private residences or hotels and furnishing in collaboration with the best-known architects and designers.

One single interlocutor for a full turnkey service.
We also are specialists in safeguarding and restoring historic buildings and in bio-construction not to mention the traditional building engineering.
In Italy, we took part in the restoration of the structure of some historical monuments in collaboration with the Fine Arts Academy of Turin and Milan.

Restauro Belle Arti

In Africa, we took part in the building of numerous villas and also in the building of Zaria’s University.


In Monaco, we are mainly involved in re-structuration programs, full turnkey service, as main contractor with very high qualitative standards.

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